ELC Absconder Jacobs Captured


An offender participating in Extending the Limits of Confinement (ELC) who absconded from his residence on November 13 has been apprehended.

James W. Jacobs (#0204385) was serving an active sentence for Habitual Felon and Breaking and Entering Vehicles. He had a projected release date of June 23, 2021. He is in the custody of Officers from the Division of Community Corrections. 

Extending the Limits of Confinement (ELC) allows certain individuals to serve the remainder of their prison sentence at home or in transitional housing. ELC is not an early release or commutation. Participants are still considered incarcerated and are supervised by probation/ parole officers from Community Corrections. Violating the terms of ELC can result in the offender being returned to a correctional facility.

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