Emergency Management Internships

NCEM logoSummer 2018 internship projects

North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) is pleased to announce the following two vacancies for unpaid interns. These internships are located at the North Carolina State Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh, NC unless otherwise noted (*).

The NCEM Internship Program provides emerging professionals an opportunity to gain useful experience in the field of emergency management. Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to ncemintern@ncdps.gov. The cover letter should describe the position you are applying for, reasons of interest in the position, and
how the position will benefit you in the future. Any Bachelor’s or Master’s-degree seeking students are invited to apply for these positions.

All application packages should be received by Friday, May 25th at 5PM. Once all application packages have been reviewed, the most competitive candidates will be contacted for an interview. These positions are unpaid internships to take place during the term June 4 – September 3, 2018.

NC Access and Functional Needs Support
NCEM Section/Branch: Operations – Human Services
Hours Per Week: 30 hours / up to 13 weeks (Unpaid)
Project Overview:

  • Assist in the development of the NCEM strategy for meeting the unmet needs of children.
  • Provide administrative support for the NCEM C-MIST Advisory Committee.
  • Conduct reviews of the Mass Care SOGs, EOP, CRES, and other appropriate documents
  • Support upcoming nuclear and LPAI exercise activities.

Final Deliverable(s):
1. Document and report on exercises, minutes, and other documents from the C-MIST Advisory Committee while conducting research and a written review of plans and unmet needs of children in disasters.


Team Management System Integration
NCEM Section/Branch: Operations – Emergency Services
Hours Per Week: 30 hours / 8 weeks (Unpaid)
Project Overview:

  • Aid in the rollout and implementation of a team management module of the TERMS (Training, Exercise, & Response Management System) application.
  • Work with various local, regional, and state personnel to transition the new system.
  • Interact with internal and external partners to aid in system implementation.

Final Deliverable(s):
1. Create a mutually exclusive list of values across all programs for training, certification, credentials, and licenses.