State Reentry Council Collaborative

State Reentry Council Collaborative
G.S.143B-604 required the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety to establish the State Reentry Council Collaborative (SRCC). The SRCC is charged with studying the needs of individuals who have been recently released from a correctional institution and increasing the effectiveness of local reentry councils. Membership includes stakeholders from various community sectors and government agencies whose responsibilities intersect with the reentry process.

Ten diverse SRCC workgroups began meeting in 2018 and presented final recommendations to the full SRCC and the Secretary at the end of that year.  SRCC teams charged with implementing these recommendations have met regularly since early 2019, and the full SRCC continues to meet quarterly to discuss progress on implementation goals.

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Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, August 10, 9:30-11 a.m. – Via WebEx. Event link for Attendees:

Tuesday, November 9, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. – Wake Tech Public Safety Education Campus, room 1427

SRCC Membership Roster

SRCC Final report

SRCC Work Groups and Final Report

SRCC Work Groups and Final Report

Ten SRCC work groups were created to address specific areas of concern.

  • Advocacy  
  • Education and Vocational Training  
  • Employment  
  • Faith/Community-based Organizations  
  • Family Reunification 
  • Housing  
  • Legal  
  • Mental Health, Substance Misuse and Medical  
  • Transportation  
  • Women and Incarceration  

Work group recommendations formed the basis of the SRCC final report, which contains the final SRCC recommendations and explains the SRCC’s process, outcomes and future direction

There are currently four implementation teams that are working on implementing some of the recommendations: 

  • Legislative 
  • Executive
  • Communications/Awareness
  • Local/Community