Search & Rescue

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North Carolina Emergency Management is the lead state coordinating agency for Search and Rescue in North Carolina.

All-Hazards Technical Search and Rescue Resources are available for statewide deployment through the State-wide Mutual Aid Agreement. These resources come from many different backgrounds including law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and rescue squads, and are comprised of both paid and non-paid professionals.

Additionally, North Carolina supports other states in their time of need through sharing resources through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. State resources are a compilation of local resources that are supported through various grant sources. Currently the State Search and Rescue Program is supported completely through federal grant funds and local sponsoring agencies. 

The North Carolina Search and Rescue Program is comprised of highly specialized resources from across the state that represent five distinct core mission areas. The core mission areas include Urban Search and Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Helicopter Search and Rescue, Wilderness Search & Rescue, and Mountain Search and Rescue.  

The state response system is triggered through the Local Emergency Management Coordinator who can request state support during incidents large and small. For assistance during incidents, please have the Incident Commander contact your Local Emergency Management Coordinator who then can request direct assistance from the State Emergency Operations Center’s 24-hour Watch Center. 


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