State Emergency Response Application (SERA)

In 2014, North Carolina Emergency Management, working in concert with the NC Center for Safer Schools and the Department of Public Instruction, began a statewide initiative to provide valuable data, tools and applications to assist school officials, law enforcement officers, first responders, and emergency managers in preparing for and responding to hazards and threats at North Carolina schools. 

Floor plan schematics for the state's K-12 public schools have been incorporated in the State Emergency Response Application (SERA), including nearly 3,000 school locations.  This data is being leveraged in the School Risk Management Plan (SRMP) tool, that uses the collected school, building and asset data to facilitate the creation of school risk management plans in a consistent manner.

The State Emergency Response Application (SERA) enables law enforcement officers, emergency managers and first responders to access school floorplans and critical building asset data for emergency response. NCEM has established partnerships with the University of North Carolina system, the NC Community College system and the NCDPS Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice to add floorplans from colleges and universities, community colleges, adult and juvenile correctional facilities and other public buildings.

Point of Contact

Mahmood Hasan