Pre-Planning and Exercise Resources

Supporting Local First Response and Regional Planning Activities

North Carolina Emergency Management is implementing training and resources on EPA/NOAA’s CAMEO (Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations) software Suite for first response and planning activities. Extensive databases containing Tier 2, special locations, route, and resource records are available upon request once these free programs are installed on your systems (see below).

To further support our agencies, a level-based training program will be created to support collaborative efforts between agencies; local and Regional Response Teams (RRTs):

CAMEO Level Competencies/ Training Courses

Tab/Accordion Items

An introduction to the CAMEO Chemical program will guide the user to begin the process of hazardous material identification in the field and for planning purposes. There will be activities to determine where specific chemicals exist in their community today with an understanding of the Tier 2 process in the state. 

No prerequisites (4-Hours)

Training participants to utilize the CAMEO Suite for planning and response purposes with an understanding of basic strategic and tactical guidelines using a customized North Carolina database and local/regional procedures. “Worst-case” and alternative case scenario models will be discussed and generated using CAMEO Data Manager and ALOHA. 

No prerequisites although suggested to have attended CAMEO Awareness (16-Hours)

This program will discuss in-depth, basic air-modeling concepts, while using the Areal Location of Hazardous Atmosphere (ALOHA) software program. A participant will be trained to model toxic, flammable, and explosive atmospheres, while applying information from CAMEO Data Manager and MARPLOT. 

Prerequisites: Hazardous Materials Operation level (Min.) or LEPC Planning responsibilities (16 Hours)

Mission Areas: Prevention, Protection, Response
Core Capabilities: Planning, Operational Coordination, Threats, and Hazard Identification


CAMEO Chemicals: CAMEO Chemicals is the hazardous chemical database for the CAMEO® software suite, which is used widely to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies. CAMEO Chemicals also has a tool to predict possible hazards if chemicals are mixed.

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