The Administration Division is charged with operational oversight. This division provides a variety of core support functions for the department’s numerous interrelated services. These core support services include Information Technology, Budget and Analysis, Controller’s Office, Legislative Affairs, Communications, Human Resources, as well as Purchasing and Logistics. The Governor’s Crime Commission, Victim Services and Private Protective Services also fall under Administration.

Casandra Skinner Hoekstra

Casandra Skinner Hoekstra

Casandra Skinner Hoekstra serves as the department's chief deputy secretary for Administration overseeing a variety of divisions, including Human Resources, Legislative Affairs, Office of Special Investigations and the Governor’s Crime Commission. She was appointed as interim secretary for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety effective August 1, 2021 through October 31, 2021.

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The primary responsibility of the Budget and Analysis Section is to provide leadership and support to Departmental and Division management in areas of:

  1. Planning, directing, coordinating and preparing the continuation and expansion budgets that are submitted to the Governor’s Office.
  2. Analyzing, monitoring, and managing the Department’s operating budgets. The approval authority for any changes or movement within a division’s budget rests in the departmental budget office. The Section works at the agency level and controls the establishment of companies, funds and centers in the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS).
  3. Responding to requests for budgetary information from agency management, Fiscal Research, and the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM)
  4. Providing analysis and research of budgetary issues that impact the Department’s programs, budgets and plans,
  5. Analyzing changes to legislative, budget and fiscal policies and communicating the budgetary impact to senior and division management.
  6. Budgeting for Federal grants over multiple award years, with expenditures budgeted and expended simultaneously while ensuring the maximization of resources.
  7. Position control and reconciling the salary reserve for the over 25 thousand permanent positions and monitoring the lapsed salary availability and usage for the Department. All position actions require the approval of the Budget Office.
  8. Coordinating the capital and repair and renovation budgets with Departmental staff, ensuring compliance with funding rules and restrictions


Budget by the Numbers

Positions 25,300
General Fund $2.2 Billion
Appropriation $2 Billion
Special Funds $357 Million
Capital Funds $168 Million


State Budget Manual

Budget Director: Dr. Sharon Marsalis



Information Technology provides tools to help the Department of Public Safety employees.

For Adult Correction, these tools address problems and needs at the working level: recording pertinent data about offenders; tracking their movements; and charting their progress in programs and other rehabilitative efforts. The tools also provide logistical support to the department: ordering and stocking materials, supplies, and equipment; and supporting the financial and human resource functions. The tools also provide decision support to management:

  • monitoring the flow of offenders;
  • assisting in immediate and long-term space and staff planning; and
  • helping to select the most appropriate parole candidates.

Finally, these tools establish links from the department to the broader criminal justice community, receiving and supplying critical timely information to our courts, law enforcement and crime victims.

Glenn Mack 
Chief Information Officer 


The Department of Public Safety has three legislative liaisons: Susanna Davis, Carlye Wittek and Michael Cullen. 

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The Controller's Office of the Department of Public Safety is primarily responsible for the effective management of the agency's financial resources. Consequently, the section is charged with the responsibility for preparing and maintaining records, procedures, and organizational plans designed to provide reasonable assurance that:

  1. Financial records are accurate, reliable, and prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and state and federal requirements.
  2. Assets are properly acquired and safeguarded.
  3. Transactions are properly authorized and processed in a timely manner.
  4. Sound financial and policy guidance is provided to Department managers and various employees throughout the agency.
  5. Excellent service is provided to both internal and external customers.

The Controller's Office is made up of employees performing functions which include:

  • accounts payable
  • accounts receivable
  • payroll
  • grant accounting
  • general accounting
  • fixed assets
  • cash management
  • policies and procedures development

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The Purchasing and Logistics Office is the centralized location for procurement, warehousing, transportation/communications, and leased property acquisition and management for the Department of Public Safety.

All of these unique responsibilities have accepted policies and procedures and this section genuinely concentrates on strict conformity without fail. Is what we do day-by-day a true support to the public safety environment and its multiple locations with such a variety of responsibilities?

We believe the answer to this question is, and always should be, YES.... The procurement processes will be open and clearly articulated; they will be predictable, logical, and streamlined when possible. The playing field will be kept on a level scale, thus providing fair and open opportunity for all the vendor community.

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The Communications staff works to ensure the people of North Carolina are informed and knowledgeable about programs, events and conditions affecting their safety and well-being. Staff works to provide timely and accurate information to news media and to inform the public of emergency action steps to be taken during natural or man-made disasters.

Members of the Communications Office respond to media inquiries, write speeches and press releases and produce educational materials. 

Communications staff members are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week assisting members of the news media either by phone or at the scenes of incidents.  When necessary, communications staff prepare and distribute news releases and arrange for news conferences. 

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The Human Resource Office provides professional guidance, advice an support to sections in a variety of functions such as staffing, job classification, training and development, employee relations and benefits administration in order to make the Department of Public Safety employment experience enriching and rewarding.

Human Resources Director: Charlene Shabazz

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Employee Appeals and Grievance Information:

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  • Request informal discussion
  • Complete and submit grievance forms