Civil Air Patrol


The Civil Air Patrol is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. The volunteer agency began in 1946 as a humanitarian, non-profit organization with a three-fold mission:: Emergency Services, Aerospace Education  and Cadet Programs. In North Carolina, the CAP's 2,000+ volunteers support emergency management by:

Taking aerial photographs before and after disasters, so emergency managers can make life-saving decisions and beginrecovery efforts.

  • Providing aerial assessment  evacuations
  • Supporting communications between ground and air-based resources
  • Transporting supplies such as: medicine, personnel, search-and-rescue dog teams, etc.
  • Distributing emergency water and food
  • Helping search for missing persons and aircraft
  • Patrolling the skies as needed to help with homeland security
  • Providing logistics support during disasters 

As part of a national organization, North Carolina's CAP can request resources from neighboring states to support emergency response efforts.

New camera for Civil Air Patrol a valuable tool for search-and-rescue missions in North Carolina

To promote aerospace education CAP provides teaching tools for all grade levels to incorporate air and space themes into traditional classroom subjects. The organization also regularly conducts workshops at schools and colleges providing incentive flights to ROTC/JROTC programs and teachers through the Teacher Orientation Program.

Cadet Program

For youth ages 12 to 21, the Cadet Program offers leadership training, technical education, scholarships and career education. North Carolina averages about 800 cadets,with the  majority trained to support emergency services. Through the CAP Cadet Program, young people develop leadership skills, investigate the fundamentals of aerospace education, solidify their character and participate in exciting hands-on activities that prepare them to be responsible citizens.

While cadets are not obligated to join the military upon graduation, each branch of the service offers advanced promotion opportunities based on the amount of training completed.

 Adult membership is open to those over age 18. Members can serve by:

  • Participating in search and rescue
  • Assisting local, state and federal agencies when disasters strike
  • Working with youth through the cadet program
  • Supporting CAP's communications and flying programs.

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