Advisory Committee

Regional Response Team Advisory Committee

The Regional Response Team advisory committee is made up of members with expertise in managing hazardous materials emergencies. The committee meets quarterly to advise the Department of Public Safety secretary on state programs dealing with hazardous materials response. The group also evaluates and advises the secretary of the need for additional regional response teams.

One representative from each of the following agencies make up the advisory committee:

1. Division of Emergency Management
2. North Carolina Highway Patrol
3. State Fire and Rescue Commission of the Department of Insurance
4. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
5. Department of Transportation
6. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
7. Chemical Industry Council of North Carolina
8. N.C. Association of Hazardous Materials Responders
9. Each regional response team
10. State Bureau of Investigation
11. North Carolina Fire Chiefs Association
12. North Carolina State Firemen's Association

Meetings are held at the State Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh.