County Databooks

Most county information can be found in our databook.  The following is a list of information currently available.

2023 Databook

2022 Databook

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Databooks are organized by County, District, Area for each of the following:

Juvenile Population Data

Juveniles Ages 6 to 17
Juveniles Ages 6 to 15
Juveniles Ages 10 to 17

Complaints Received:
Violent –Felony A-E
Serious – Felony H-I, A1 Misdemeanor
Minor – Misdemeanor Class 1, 2, or 3
Total Delinquent Complaints
Total Complaints
Delinquent Rate
Undisciplined Rate
Number of Juveniles Transferred to Superior Court (trial as Adult)

Distinct Juveniles Served in Detention
Number of Detention Admissions 

Youth Development Centers
Number of Commitments
Commitment Rate 

JCPC Admissions 
SOS Admissions 
Eckerd Camp Admission 

YDC Statistics
Commitments grouped by County, Race and Gender 
Commitments by County, Race and Age