State Capitol Police Services

Bank and Safety Escorts 

State Capitol Police officers protect state property and revenue by providing daily bank escorts for state agencies in the governmental complex. Additionally, in the interest of personal safety and service, officers provide personal safety escorts for state employees and citizens using the governmental complex.

Citizen Safety Education and Awareness Training
To establish a comprehensive approach to personal safety, security, and crime prevention, the State Capitol Police partners with state employees and citizens to provide critical safety training and awareness programs. Targeted training programs are developed by the Training and Special Programs Unit to address specific customer needs. Groups and individuals may contact State Capitol Police to inquire about available education and awareness classes.

Citizen Protection
State Capitol Police is charged with the mission of protecting and serving N.C. State Government, including its executives, employees, visitors, and properties. The sworn and non-sworn men and women who comprise the State Capitol Police are highly trained professionals who are committed to achieving the mission, goal and objectives the agency sets for itself.

Criminal Investigations and Surveillance
The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) is the investigatory and special operations unit of the division responsible for conducting investigations of serious crimes, internal affairs matters, and other unusual occurrences. During the course of some criminal investigations, SIU performs high-tech surveillance operations to prevent crimes and apprehend criminals.

Crowd Management
The Civil Disturbance Team is comprised of specially equipped and trained law enforcement officers who have the specific mission of performing crowd management operations during demonstration events and rallies conducted on state property.

Demonstration Site Security
The state of North Carolina is sensitive to the causes and efforts of various special interest groups and their right to peacefully demonstrate. State Capitol Police officers are assigned the task of working with various groups during rallies, demonstrations and other events to ensure the safety of demonstrators, bystanders and state property.

Emergency Telecommunications
To support the daily functions of the agency and support the law enforcement and security officers in the performance of their duties, the State Capitol Police operates its own emergency telecommunications center. The communications center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staff who are trained in multitasking and responding to various types of calls for service from the public and law enforcement officers. Telecommunicators operate Computer Aided Dispatch, Division of Criminal Information, state parking systems, telecommunications systems, surveillance video systems, and statewide alarms systems.

Facility Security Checks
Law enforcement officers and security guards are tasked with the responsibility of conducting defined facility security checks and documenting their findings through the telecommunications center. The performance of this service has resulted in the prevention and discovery of criminal activity.

Inauguration Events
As the law enforcement agency in the State Government Complex, the State Capitol Police performs special law enforcement operations and partners with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to provide security for gubernatorial inaugurations.

Parking Enforcement
State Capitol Police responds to parking complaints and partners with the State Parking Office, state employees, and vehicle towing services to resolve parking issues and complaints.

Personnel Hearings
Each day, state government functions are performed by more than 20,000 state employees in various service and regulatory agencies within the governmental complex. In support of Human Resources administrative functions, the State Capitol Police provides law enforcement and security services during various personnel and board hearings and proceedings.

Prisoner Executions
At executions carried out by the N.C. Department of Public Safety, the State Capitol Police conducts safety, security and crowd management operations.

Protective Video Surveillance
State Capitol Police Telecommunications Center houses a 24-hour video surveillance system comprised of more than 160 high definition cameras that continuously record activity to several digital video recorders. The system provides the capability to view 36 cameras at one monitoring console.

Roving Foot Patrols
During specified times and events, State Capitol Police officers are assigned to conduct roving foot patrols at various facilities and locations within the State Government Complex. While conducting roving foot patrols, officers interact with state employees, visitors to the complex and other local citizens. Such interaction has proven to be beneficial in supporting our enhanced quest to achieve a greater level of community relations and involvement.

State-owned Property Security
In pursuit of its mission to secure State Government operations, the State Capitol Police assigns specially trained law enforcement officers to specific state-owned properties and facilities throughout the State Government Complex. These officers are consistently vigilant in their efforts to ensure that state government operations are not interrupted as a result of willful acts of terrorism or other criminal activity.

Statewide Fire, Rescue, and Burglar Alarm Central Monitoring
The State Capitol Police Emergency Telecommunications Center monitors a comprehensive statewide fire, rescue, panic, burglar and intrusion alarm system. State Capitol Police telecommunicators monitor and dispatch fire, Emergency Medical Services, and police services to state government facilities throughout the state.