Criminal Justice Information Network 
Mobile Data Network

Public safety agencies across North Carolina depend on their communications systems as a life line for support and officer safety.  Connecting law enforcement  agencies and rescue personnel through one communications system can saveCriminal Justice Information Network lives and time.

The Criminal Justice Information Network - Mobile Data Network (CJIN-MDN) is a partnership of federal, state and local law enforcement, the courts, and correctional agencies.  These agencies work together to provide inter-agency networking and data communications using advanced technology.

The CJIN-MDN has been built on the concept of shared resources. Costs to all participating agencies are reduced by simply sharing available resources that constitute the network.

The state shares resources such as base station transmitters/receivers, engineering support, currently licensed 800 MHz frequencies, a premier microwave communications system, and network administrative responsibilities with local government agencies in return for their sharing of resources such as tower sites, base station multi-couplers, digital sending units, local installation of telecommunications lines when required, and 800 MHz RF infrastructures that are currently in operation.


CJIN-MDN provides public safety agencies with:

  • Compatible statewide data communications with seamless roaming
  • Statewide guidance and standards
  • A reduction in the cost of providing law enforcement services
  • Elimination of fragmentation and duplication of efforts
  • Efficient and effective use of existing resources

Full statewide coverage has begun with initial coverage on Interstate 85 and Interstate 95 from the South Carolina to the Virginia border. CJIN-MDN will continue expansion until a statewide communications blanket provides access for all criminal justice agencies.

Requests for criminal justice information will be transmitted from the mobile unit, via 800 MHz RF, to a local tower site (transmitter/receiver), conducted through a base station controller, and transported to the radio network controller and message switch located at the network control center in Raleigh.

The message switch determines the type of data request, identifies and confirms user authorization, and directs the transaction to the appropriate location, i.e., Division of Criminal Information; Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Crime Information Center; Administrative Office of the Courts; Adult Correction; Division of Motor Vehicles; State Information Processing Service; or to the individual agency's computer assisted dispatch application.

Any public safety agency desiring access to the State CJIN Mobile Data Network should contact in writing:

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Technology Division
Business and Information Systems Liaison
3320 Garner Road
Raleigh NC 27610 
(919) 773-7900 

Or, for information regarding future expansion phases contact:

North Carolina State Highway Patrol
Technical Services Unit
3318 Garner Road
Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 662-4440