Juvenile Court Counselor

Job Description

Juvenile Court Counselors work directly with youth and their families, providing counseling and intervention services. Court counselors have daily opportunities to help North Carolina's troubled youth succeed. Our court counselors have a wide range of responsibilities as they guide youths through North Carolina's juvenile justice system.

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The work of a court counselor frequently takes them to homes, schools, agencies, juvenile justice facilities and other locations. They spend a majority of their time in court and traveling around the community to work with youth, families, teachers and other service providers. Court counselors are employed in all 100 NC counties. These professionals provide intake and supervision services for undisciplined and/or delinquent juveniles, through a continuum of services geared toward providing both care and control.

Juvenile Court Counselor Responsibilities

  • Evaluate and process complaints/allegations of delinquent and undisciplined behavior and help determine appropriate courses of action.
  • Assess the risks and needs of the juvenile in order to provide for the security and safety of the community and the juvenile’s well-being
  • Develop diversion plans for those youth whose risk levels and needs can be met through alternative measures without formal court intervention
  • Make recommendations to court based on assessments, which can include secure detention, if warranted
  • Provide case management as part of supervision for youths on probation to assure the delivery of appropriate services while assuring compliance with court orders
  • Provide aftercare, case management and post-release supervision to juveniles returning to the community following a commitment to a youth development center
Tab/Accordion Items

Selected applicant must attend and successfully complete and pass the Juvenile Justice Officer Basic Training certification program. The certification requires four weeks to complete and is comprised of classroom and physically demanding training. This training is carried out at regional training centers and requires consecutive overnight stays. In addition, the selected candidate must:

  • Have or be able to obtain required documentation for certification as a Juvenile Justice Officer (i.e. a diploma)
  • Pass a Criminal Background check
  • Pass a Drug Screening test
  • Pass a Psychological test
  • Pass a Sexual Risk Screening test
  • Pass a Physical
  • Be a US citizen
  • Be at least 20 years of age
  • Have a valid driver's license

  • Hiring salary range $41,000 - $62,092 annual salary
  • Advancement potential through promotional opportunities
  • State retirement plan
  • North Carolina State Employee 401(k) Plan
  • North Carolina State Employee insurance coverage
  • Sick leave and annual leave
  • Workers compensation
  • Paid holidays
  • Specialized training
  • Use of state vehicle
  • Military training leave
  • Veterans apprenticeship program
  • Community service leave