Emergency Response Resources

The Emergency Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) and Risk Management Program (RMP) have toxic or flammable extremely hazardous substances that could impact surrounding communities. Due to the hazardous nature, facilities implement chemical accident prevention methods and partner with local responders and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) to identify the potential effects of a chemical accident, steps the facility is taking to prevent an accident, and plan emergency response procedures should an accident occur.

Support from Responders

Local responders, LEPCs and Regional Response Teams (RRTs) can support facilities to develop their emergency response programs by reviewing their emergency action or response plans, developing and participating in emergency response exercises, or participating in public meetings and providing responder feedback after an accidental release.

Best Practices for Facility E-Plan Tier II Submittals

Every year as part of the E-Plan Tier II submittal, facilities may upload emergency response information under Additional Information. This allows local responders, emergency planners and the NCEM RRT quick access to emergency information should an accidental release occur. The following items are recommended to upload in E-Plan.

  • Full Emergency Action/Response Plan
  • Quick View Responder Plan (2-5 pages with critical information for responders)
  • Maps with chemical locations, water supply, responder safe zone, facility staff muster points
  • Chemical mitigation descriptions
  • List of facility emergency response equipment and locations
  • Specific medical procedures, necessary medication, medicine location, or treatment protocols for chemical exposure
  • Process Diagrams
  • Hazard Analysis
  • SDS

Emergency and Contingency Plan Reporting

Various regulations such as EPCRA, RMP and RCRA hazardous waste require for emergency and contingency plans to be provided to the SERC.

Electronic submittals to the SERC may be sent to epcra@ncdps.gov. Follow regulatory requirements and formats for providing to local responders, LEPCs and the SERC.

Emergency Response Resources: