Automatic Disqualifiers

  1. Conviction of a felony or other serious crime.
  2. Refusal to submit to a pre-employment polygraph, psychological evaluation, medical examination and urinalysis drug test.
  3. Use of marijuana within two years from the date of application for employment.
  4. Use of any other illegal drug, including misuse of prescription drugs.
  5. Possessed, with the intent to sell and deliver any illegal drug at any time in your life.
  6. Engaged in the unauthorized use of any illegal drug while employed in a position of public trust (e.g., a sworn law enforcement officer, etc.).
  7. Mis-stated, or falsely stated any information, in writing or orally, during the course of the application process.
  8. Failure to meet any of the minimum requirements and/or standards for law enforcement officers, as mandated by the N.C. Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.