Move Over Incidents

Incident Involving Trooper M. G. McLamb
August 11, 2005, Cumberland County

On  August 11, 2005, at approximately 1:00 P.M. Trooper M. G. McLamb was conducting a traffic enforcement stop on US 301 near the NC 59 Exit just south of Fayetteville in Cumberland County. 

Trooper McLamb was standing on the driver's side of the stopped vehicle and had just turned to return his patrol car when he was struck. A motorist failed to move over and decrease speed and struck Trooper McLamb. 

Trooper McLamb was treated and released. 

The Move Over law requires motorists to approach cautiously when an emergency vehicle is stopped on the shoulder of the roadway with its lights flashing. Motorists are required to change lanes away from the emergency vehicle on a multi-lane highway or slow down on a two lane highway and can do so safely. Motorists must slow down while maintaining a safe speed. G.S. 20-157 (f). 

Effective July 1, 2006, fines increased to $500 along with the possibility of being charged with a felony if a collision occurs that results in serious injury or death.

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