Current Plans

The State Highway Patrol was tasked with developing and implementing two communications strategies; a short-term (Tactical) and long-term (Strategic) plan for North Carolina.

The Tactical communications solution is the implementation of 17 communications gateways across North Carolina to link disparate radio systems together as a temporary solution until the statewide Strategic plan can be implemented.

The Strategic communications solution is the construction of a statewide 800 MHz radio system that will provide interoperable communications for all public safety agencies in North Carolina.

The decision to implement VIPER as the interoperable radio communication system in North Carolina was made in conjunction with the state's key local government and public safety associations including the N.C. Association of County Commissioners, the N.C. League of Municipalities, the Metropolitan Coalition, and the N.C. Sheriffs Association.   

In addition, the Criminal Justice Information Network Governing Board, the Governor's Crime Commission, and the State Emergency Response Commission - which includes representatives from state agencies and the Emergency Management Association, the Sheriff's Association, the Police Chiefs' Association, the Fire Chiefs Association, and the Emergency Medical Services Administrators - have identified interoperable communications as a priority for improved public safety in North Carolina.