Quick Facts

241 total sites planned for statewide coverage.
     236 sites constructed and on-the-air
     Funding for remaining site construction is ongoing

VIPER is 98% complete (number of sites) with 236 sites on the air.

169,364 total users (consoles not included) are currently on the network as of April 10, 2023.

South Carolina has the same type Interoperable System; N.C./S.C. can talk to each other using the same type user device.

Critical Issues

  1. Lack of exemption for state owned property has now become a significant challenge to construction since local government are now able to veto the state’s use of its own land.
  2. In moving forward with construction of new tower sites, the challenge will be to get fully executed leases prior to site construction.
  3. VIPER Infrastructure Implementation costs 
       $2,837,764 FY2020-2021 for construction; normally $7M.
  4. VIPER Operation and Maintenance Costs 
      Current funding is $7M Recurring