About the Governor’s Crime Commission

The Governor’s Crime Commission (GCC) serves as the chief advisory body to the Governor and to the Secretary of Public Safety on crime and justice issues.

Commission Members include the heads of statewide criminal justice agencies, appointed state and local government officials, and private citizens.


GCC also serves as the State Administering Agency (SAA), the executive branch agency designated to apply for federal criminal justice funding from the US Department of Justice on behalf of the State.


These federal funds, along with state appropriated funds, are distributed to state and local criminal justice agencies and non-profits through a grant application process voted on annually by the Commission.


Commission Staff includes:

  • grant planners – who assist the Commission in setting annual investment priorities based on the needs of state and local justice systems and assist potential grant recipients with the application process.
  • grant managers – who provide technical support and monitoring to grant recipients to ensure funds are effectively managed in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Commission meetings are held quarterly in Raleigh. Committees, subcommittees, and other advisory groups meet as necessary throughout the year. All meetings are open to the public.



Tab/Accordion Items

The Criminal Justice Improvement (CJI) Committee encourages proactive and innovative programming and methodologies that improve the criminal justice system.  Improvements include reducing and discouraging violent crime and associated problems, enhancing all aspects of criminal justice processing to include the incarceration and treatment of offenders and advancing justice system operations.

Grants administered by the CJI Committee:

Byrne Justice Assistance
National Criminal History Improvement Program
Residential Substance Treatment Program



The Crime Victim Services (CVS) Committee advocates for victims by promoting the development of effective programs that improve the response of human service professionals and the criminal justice system to crime victims.

Grants administered by the CVS Committee:

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)



The Juvenile Justice (JJ) Committee provides resources for youth who are at-risk of becoming delinquent due to individual, school, family, peer or community factors. These resources provide services for youth who are delinquent, undisiplined, or involved in the juvenile court process from intake through aftercare.

Grants administered by the JJ Committee:

Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention
Children's Justice Act


Three Year Comprehensive Plan


Question about applying? Contact a JJ Grant Planner!