About the Governor’s Crime Commission

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The Governor’s Crime Commission serves as the chief advisory body to the governor and to the secretary of the Department of Public Safety on crime and justice issues.

The commission serves as the state administering agency designated to apply for federal criminal justice funding from the US Department of Justice on behalf of the State of North Carolina. These federal funds, along with state-appropriated funds, are distributed to criminal justice agencies and nonprofits through a grant application process voted on annually by the commission.

The Criminal Justice Analysis Center maintains a justice data portal and produces research and analysis that informs commission decisions. 

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Commission members include the heads of statewide criminal justice agencies, appointed state and local government officials and private citizens.

  • Chief Patrice Andrews
  • Councilwoman Courtney Banks-McLaughlin
  • Justice Philip Berger Jr.
  • Sheriff Clarence Birkhead
  • Sheriff Charles Blackwood
  • Director Ryan Boyce
  • Director Pete Buchholtz
  • Secretary Eddie Buffaloe Jr.
  • Commissioner Eleanor Burns
  • Detective Matthew Cooper
  • Governor Roy Cooper
  • Commissioner Leto Copeley
  • Judge Julius Corpening
  • Judge Mary Covington
  • Commissioner Benjamin Curtis
  • Commissioner Adrian Daye*
  • Judge Sherri Elliott
  • Chairman Robert Evans
  • Commissioner Elena Faddoul
  • Mayor Don Hardy
  • Commissioner Jodi Harrison*
  • Commissioner Andrew Hendry
  • Chief Dan House
  • Commissioner Karen Howard
  • Commissioner Virginia Lee Jicha
  • Colonel Freddy Johnson
  • Commissioner Monika Johnson-Hostler
  • Deputy Secretary William Lassiter
  • Deputy Secretary Tracy Lee
  • Judge Thomas Lock
  • Commissioner Thomas Marcham
  • Commissioner Jasmine McGhee*
  • Commissioner Richard (Ricky) Parks
  • Sheriff Willie Rowe
  • Director Robert Schurmeier
  • The Honorable Matthew Scott
  • Director Angela Smith
  • The Honorable Rebecca Spragins
  • Reverend Bruce Stanley
  • Sheriff Keith Stone
  • The Honorable Pamela Thompson
  • Commissioner Tabari Wallace*
  • Commissioner James "Butch" Williams
  • Sheriff Calvin Woodard
  • Chief Michael Yaniero

* Official designee

Crime Victim Services Committee

  • Focus:
    • Promoting the development of crime victim services programs
  • Federal grants administered:
    • Sexual Assault Services Program
    • Victims of Crime Act
    • Violence Against Women Act
  • Publications:

Criminal Justice Improvement Committee

  • Focus:
    • Reducing and discouraging violent crime
    • Enhancing all aspects of criminal justice processing 
    • Advancing justice system operations
  • Federal grants administered:
    • Community Violence Intervention and Prevention
    • Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant
    • Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant
    • Prison Rape Elimination Act
    • Project Safe Neighborhoods
    • Residential Substance Abuse Grant
    • Sex Offender and Registration Notification Act
    • State Crisis Intervention Program

Juvenile Justice Committee 

  • Focus:
    • Providing resources for youth at-risk of becoming delinquent 
    • Providing services for youth who are delinquent, undisciplined or involved in the juvenile court process
  • Federal grants administered:
    • Children's Justice Act
    • Prison Rape Elimination Act
    • Title II Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act
  • Publications: