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Newsletter: The GIST, May 2024

  • New Commission Member
  • VOCA Funding Decrease
  • VAWA Reporting Tool
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Uniform Grants Guidance 2024

Justice Analysis Review: Incidents Cleared by North Carolina Law Enforcement, 2020-2022 April 2024

Blog: As Federal VOCA Funding Decreases, North Carolinians Must Stand Up for Victims of Crime April 2024

Portal Snapshot: North Carolina Traffic Stops in 2022 December 2023

Safety Scoop Podcast: What Does the Future Hold for VOCA?, December 2023

Fact Sheet: Major Funding Concerns for North Carolina's Crime Victim Services, December 2023

Portal Snapshot: Motor Vehicle Theft in North Carolina, 2020-2022 October 2023

Portal Snapshot: North Carolina Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification October 2023

Justice Analysis Review: Prevalence of Drug Offenses in North Carolina, 2019 - 2022 September 2023

Resolution: In Support of Medicaid Expansion, September 2023

The North Carolina Victims of Crime Needs Assessment, August 2023

Portal Snapshot: Impact of Stay-at-Home Order on Crime in North Carolina April 2023

Justice Analysis Review: Identifying Domestic Violence in North Carolina February 2023

Portal Snapshot: N.C. Domestic Violence Reported in 2021 February 2023

Portal Snapshot: Firearm-Related Offenses in North Carolina in 2021 February 2023

Annual Report: Death In Custody 2022

Portal Snapshot: Victims of Sex Offenses September 2022

Justice Analysis Review: NC Traffic Stop Reporting Program Series Part 3: Searches and Contraband March 2021

Justice Analysis Review: NC Traffic Stop Reporting Program Series Part 2: Purpose of Stops and Actions Taken December 2020

Justice Analysis Review: NC Traffic Stop Reporting Program Series Part 1: Traffic Stop Trends July 2020

Justice Analysis Review: Officer Staffing in Local Law Enforcement Agencies March 2020

Justice Analysis Review: Pretrial Release in North Carolina December 2019

Disproportionate Minority Contact in North Carolina: An Assessment Study, June 2019

Special Committee on School Shootings: Final Report, January 2019

Improving Staffing and Security in North Carolina Prisons, December 2017