State Centric Pilot Program

Counties and municipalities may now OPT-IN to the state’s state centric pilot program for hazard mitigation grant projects for Florence, Michael and Dorian. This program, the first of its kind for FEMA HMGP allows the state to manage and pay for contract work to complete all grants awarded and assists the counties by removing the financial and management burden of completing all the work awarded under each grant. What’s more, the local government does not lose the management costs paid to the local government under the grant agreement. It only speeds the process for homeowners in need by centralizing the project management.

What does this mean for a sub-applicant if you take advantage of the State Centric Plan?

When the state/sub-applicant is awarded a Hazard Mitigation grant, the state will promptly begin the work required to meet the scope of work (SOW) of the grant.  The state will obtain the contractors, oversee all project work, pay all invoiced work and close out the projects on our sub-applicant’s behalf.  The state will work with each sub-applicant’s staff to communicate with homeowners so they are informed and have predictability when work will be completed on their homes.  The state will also direct contractors to hire local as much as possible so funds are directed into the sub-applicant’s communities.  The state will also still provide management costs to sub-applicants for any work their employees do assisting the HM staff working in their counties.  In the end, it is a win-win for everyone because the state will use its contracting powers to complete work quickly.  Since the state will be managing the contracts, sub-applicants will not need to budget money to pay contractors and wait for reimbursements.  The state will do all of the project management reducing project management burdens on local governments with limited staff.  Finally, the state’s efforts will negate a sub-applicant’s need to contract for consultants to do the grant’s scope of work at a potential higher cost than the management cost funds awarded under the grant.

What is required of the sub-applicant to take advantage of the State Centric Plan? 

All that is required of the sub-applicant is to request/agree to the state’s program.  You take advantage of the program immediately by selecting and signing the OPT IN section of the this form.

What if the sub-applicant wants to do the work themselves? 

If the sub-applicant selects to OPT-OUT on the attached form, they must also prepare correspondence to the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, through the Executive Director of NCEM.  This correspondence must be a business plan showing how the sub-applicant will manage the grant’s scope of work and identify the primary sub-applicant point of contact the HM Section will work with to complete all grant related work.  Finally, the business plan must show the sub-applicant possesses the financial and staff capability to complete the awarded grant work within the 3-year period of performance.  

NCEM and the HM Section are here to provide full service grant management to every sub-applicant and citizen in the State.  We are poised with staff and resources to make the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program work for you in a timely manner while easing your administrative and financial burden.  If you have any questions about program details, you can contact the State Hazard Mitigation Officer at 919-873-5843 or email