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GCC Staff

Agency Mailing Address:                               Main Phone: (919) 733-4564
1201 Front Street                                           Fax: (919) 733-4625
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan - Short Form 2013

Senior Staff
Caroline Valand Executive Director
Tim Hinnant Deputy Director for Planning and Program Development 
Tim Parker Statistical Analysis Center Director
Diane Barber-Whitaker Director of Federal Compliance
Joseline Kirkendoll Grants Management Director
Betty Harrington Office Manager


Planning and Program Development  

Tim Hinnant  Deputy Director for Planning and Program Development 
Diane Barber-Whitaker Director of Federal Compliance
Carlotta Winstead Lead Justice Systems Planner
Karen Jayson Lead Victims’ Services Planner
Navin Puri Lead Criminal Justice Improvement Planner
Keyon Ashe Criminal Justice Planner I
Toni Lockley Juvenile Justice Planner
Jim Lassiter  VOCA Planner
Vacant VAWA Planner


Jail Compliance Monitoring

Larke Plyer JJ Jail Compliance Liaison
Barry Roundtree JJ Jail Compliance Liaison
Cynthia Pigford JJ Jail Compliance Associate


Grants Management and Administration

Joseline Kirkendoll     Director of Grants Management 
Vacant Grants Administrator I
Vacant Grants Manager
Vacant Grants Manager 
Marty Brown Grants Manager
Keith Bugner Grants Manager
Kevin Buster Grants Manager
Valerie Hunter Grants Manager
Carolyn Locklear Grants Manager
David Pegg Grants Manager
Vacant Grants Manager


Statistical Analysis Center (SAC)

Tim Parker SAC Director
Vacant Policy Development Analyst 
Vacant Social Research Associate II
Vacant Social Research Specialist I


Administrative Support

Angel Johnson     Administrative Support
Bria Wortham Document Control Clerk
Nancy Ruffin Administrative Specialist
Rebecca Burton Administrative Specialist
Pat McDonald Receptionist