The State Emergency Operations Center activates to allow the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) to monitor incident conditions, coordinate response and provide support to counties.  

Levels of Activation

The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is partially or fully activated depending on the level of an event.
1. Normal (day-to-day) operations: The 24-Hour Watch remains engaged for information-sharing and resource-coordination 24 hours a day, every day. The SERT is not activated.

2. Enhanced Watch: Any disaster/emergency that is forecasted or occurs largely within the capabilities of local government and results in only minimal need for State assistance. State agencies that would take action as part of normal day-to-day responsibilities are notified. The SERT is not activated.

3. SERT Activation: Any disaster/emergency that requires involvement of SERT partners, including potential Federal resource support, for event that are forecast or occurring that impacts multiple jurisdictions over multiple operational periods and is likely to exceed local capabilities.