Juvenile Court Services Careers

Juvenile court counselors work directly with youth and their families, providing counseling and intervention services. As a court counselor, you will have the opportunity every day to help North Carolina's troubled youth succeed.

Our court counselors have a wide range of responsibilities as they guide youths through North Carolina's juvenile justice system.

Court counselors evaluate complaints made against the youth and help determine an appropriate course of action. They conduct assessments of each child and family, and then develop and implement individualized treatment plans to achieve positive life changes.

After youth are adjudicated in court, court counselors provide supervision and supportive counseling. They also ensure the youth comply with all court ordered dispositions. Court counselors work closely with community programs and other agencies to coordinate services for youth. They work to build new relationships and can influence community services as well.

A career in court counseling comes with a unique opportunity for professional growth in the field of human services. Few careers also offer a chance to make real, positive changes in the lives of those in need. As a court counselor, you will develop meaningful and lasting relationships with at-risk youth and their families.

Court counselors work in offices located all across North Carolina. These offices are in each of the 30 judicial districts, often in or near a courthouse.

The work of a court counselor frequently takes them to homes, schools, agencies, juvenile justice facilities and other locations. They spend a majority of their time in court and travelling around the community to work with youth, families, teachers and other service providers.

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