Emergency Management Capacity Building Competitive Grants - 2023

2023 CBCG applications are no longer being accepted since the application period has closed. 

All 2023 CBCG awardees have been notified, and applicants who were not selected for a 2023 CBCG award were also notified of the decision.  

This website will be updated if/when additional funding is appropriated for future CBCG programs.

DPS Capacity Building Competitive Grant Program (CBCG)

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management Capacity Building Competitive Grant (CBCG) was enacted by North Carolina State Legislature in State Fiscal Year 2022.   Grants shall be used to ensure local emergency management offices are adequately equipped, trained, and prepared for all hazards and emergencies.

Primary Purpose:  The Capacity Building Competitive Grant Program provides funding for building on capabilities, close gaps and include best practices to meet the needs of emergency management offices across the state.

Capacity Building Competitive Grant Funding Available: Eligible counties can apply for up to $500,000 of total funding per county. 2023 funding for CBCG consists of a total of $5M to be awarded July 2023 - June 2024.

Eligible counties may submit up to two (2) projects. Each project must have a separate application for this grant.  A project may include multiple items or categories of items. Each project will be independently scored by the review committee.

Funding Caps: A single award cap of $500,000 will be in place per county, regardless of one or two projects being submitted.  There will not be a blanket award given to the 89 eligible county emergency management agencies, this is a competitive application.

Eligible Counties: County emergency management agencies established in accordance with G.S. 166A-19.15 located in counties with a population of 210,000 or fewer, based upon the 2019 Certified County Population Estimates from the State Demographer in the Office of State Budget and Management.

Ineligible county emergency management agencies established in accordance with G.S. 166A-19.15 are:

Buncombe Durham  Guilford  Union 
Cabarrus Forsyth  Mecklenburg  Wake
Cumberland  Gaston  New Hanover   

FY2023 Target Priorities:

  • Increasing local mass care and human services capacity
  • Preparedness initiatives
  • Improving incident management/coordination capacity
  • Improving EOC capabilities, to include technology initiatives for continuity of operations purposes
  • Resiliency initiatives 
  • Other items supported by a documented local or regional risk assessment/THIRA

How to apply: Counties should review the 2023 CBCG Notice of Funding Opportunity and download and complete the 2023 CBCG Application.

All applications should be submitted to: CBCG@ncdps.gov email address with subject line: FY23 CBCG Application – (Insert County Name) for example: FY 2023 CBCG Application – Perquimans County

When to apply:  Application deadline March 31, 2023 by 5:00PM.

CBCG Education and Q&A Process:  Because this is a competitive grant program, NCEM staff will not be able to provide direct assistance with application development or project formulation. All questions regarding the application process should be directed to the CBCG@ncdps.gov mailbox.

Questions regarding CBCG and the application process should be submitted to CBCG@ncdps.gov, subject line “CBCG Question”, by March 15, 2023.  Q&A’s will be posted on the NCEM website at least 1 week prior to the application deadline. 

A public CBCG applicant webinar will be held on March 7, 2023 at 1PM – 2PM.  The purpose of the webinar is to provide information about the 2023 CBCG program and application process, as well as to answer questions from applicants.  The webinar will be recorded for those who do not attend, and the recording will be posted on this website.

You can view a recording of 2023 CBCG Webinar that took place on March 7, 2023.

If you have questions about the 2023 CBCG application process, please contact CBCG@ncdps.gov.

Application Period (Round 1)   March 1 – March 31, 2023
Application Deadline March 31, 2023 by 5:00 PM
Grant Project Period of Performance July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024
Grant Award  June 1, 2023

Required Forms and Documents

2023 Capacity Building Competitive Grant - Notice of Funding Opportunity

2023 Capacity Building Competitive Grant Application


Tab/Accordion Items

a. The application form was only designed to submit one project.  Please submit two separate application forms, one for each project, if you are submitting two projects.  The 2023 CBCG NOFO has been amended to reflect this clarification.

b. Applicants are reminded that the $500,000 funding cap is per applicant, meaning that you can only be awarded a maximum of $500,000 regardless if you submit one or two projects.

Counties are free to share their grant applications if they want, but NCEM does not facilitate any application sharing for any grant programs.

This information was publicly released on 6/3/22.

Applicant Project Recommended Award
Caswell EOC $213,245.58
Chatham Animal Sheltering Capability Project $66,809.92
Chatham CRDP Improvement Project $36,000.00
Chatham Portable Shelter Tent Project $83,785.52
Craven MASS Care Shelter Support Shower Trailer $101,530.00
Dare Damage Assessment Capability Improvements - UAS $16,200.00
Davidson Part-Time Planner $104,000.00
Harnett EOC Audio/Visual Equipment Upgrade $92,400.00
Harnett Multi-use Shelter Acquisition $191,400.00
Johnston Mobile Command Vehicle $253,312.80
Orange Mobile Incident Command $335,000.00
Pamlico Mass Care/Human Services Sheltering Shower Trailer $82,000.00
Pamlico EOC Infrastructure Initiative $80,000.00
Perquimans Enhanced Emergency Operations Center Capabilities $137,650.00
Perquimans Operations & Logistics Package $186,150.00
Stokes Search and Rescue Aquatic Project $177,300.00
Stokes Wildland Search and Rescue $129,278.24
Warren Central shelter Project  $383,500.00
Washington Field Communication $55,710.93
Washington EOC Staff Connectivity, Presentation and Information Sharing $22,100.23
Yadkin Companion Animal Shelter $76,765.00
Yadkin Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)   $24,408.00
Yadkin Emergency Operations Enhancement $41,600.00
Yancey Digital VHF Radio capability expansion $109,853.78

Potentially, depending on how the applicant intends to use the radios and how that is reflected in the proposal/application. The CBCG Committee will score each application based on the criteria described in the Notice of Funding Opportunity, including methodology and whether the proposal addresses an FY2023 Target Priority.  If the proposal describes how a single-agency radio project would support one or more 2023 target priorities, the CBCG Committee will score it accordingly.  

Only eligible counties may apply for the grant.     

In submitting our application is it your expectation that we include supplemental documentation that details the exact items and expected costs, Or is it more in line with your expectations that knowing how plans and costs can fluctuate it is more important for us to define how we plan on filling gaps and meeting our goals through this grant be expressed succinctly within the provided application form?

Applicants are allowed but not required to submit additional documentation in support of their application. If additional documentation is submitted, it should be referenced in the narrative on the application form and attached to the same email with the application form. 

Applicants are allowed but not required to submit additional documentation in support of their application. If additional documentation is submitted, it should be referenced in the narrative on the application form and attached to the same email with the application form.  

a. For a single project: “County Name 2023 CBCG Application”, e.g., Liberty County 2023 CBCG Application

b. For two projects: “County Name 2023 CBCG Application Project 1 of 2” (for first project), “County Name 2023 CBCG Application Project 2 of 2” (for second project)