FY24 Capacity Building Competitive Grants (CBCG)

Who is eligible: Counties with a population of 230,000 or fewer.
How to apply: Eligible county governments submit application and supporting documentation via Salesforce.
Applications due: 11:59PM on March 06, 2024

Applications must be submitted in Salesforce by 11:59M, March 06, 2024. 

FY24 CCBG Salesforce Pilot: Account & Contact Creation Training

FY24 CBCG Salesforce Pilot - Virtual Training for Eligible Counties - Feb. 19, 2024

FY24 CBCG Salesforce Pilot Virtual Training for Eligible Counties - Feb. 26, 2024

FY24 CBCG Pilot Salesforce Demonstration at Spring NCEMA Conference on March 26, 2024 

Salesforce Character Limit: The character limit for all Salesforce text boxes is currently 2500 characters per question. Please be aware that this includes spaces, and you cannot have any carriage returns in the box. This means that you will need to submit your application as a single “run-on” paragraph with no lines separating the text.  If you have any breaks or carriage returns in the text box, or if you attempt to cut & paste text with breaks or carriage returns, Salesforce will tell you that you have too many characters. You will need to make sure that you have no carriage returns in the box, and then hit the next button.

If you need more than 2500 characters to explain why you need the grant, please attach a document(s) at the end of the application. You can submit more than one document, but they need to be submitted individually at the end of the application in Salesforce.  

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to the following email address: ncemsalesforce@ncdps.gov.

DPS Capacity Building Competitive Grant Program (CBCG)

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management Capacity Building Competitive Grant (CBCG) was initially passed by the North Carolina State Legislature in State Fiscal Year 2022 with $3M in funding for the FY22 CBCG program which ended June 30, 2023. The Legislature subsequently authorized $5M for the FY23 CBCG program   which is ending June 30, 2024. The Legislature subsequently authorized $1,925,578 in funding for the FY24 CBCG program.  Grants shall be used to ensure local emergency management offices are adequately equipped, trained, and prepared for all hazards and emergencies.

Primary Purpose:  The Capacity Building Competitive Grant Program provides funding for building on capabilities, closing gaps and includes best practices to meet the needs of emergency management offices across the state. 

FY24 Capacity Building Competitive Grant Funding Available:  Eligible counties can apply for up to $200,000 for one project. FY24 CBCG funding consists of $1,925,578 (non-recurring funds) to be awarded with a period of performance July 01, 2024 – June 30, 2025. 

Eligible Counties: County emergency management agencies established in accordance with G.S. 166A-19.15 located in counties with a population of 230,000 or fewer, based upon the 2021 Certified County Population Estimates from the State Demographer in the Office of State Budget and Management.

Ineligible county emergency management agencies established in accordance with G.S. 166A-19.15 are:

Buncombe Cabarrus
Cumberland Durham
Forsyth Gaston
Guilford Mecklenburg
Union Wake


FY 2024 CBCG Target Priorities:

  • Increasing local mass care and human services capacity. 
  • Preparedness initiatives.
  • Improving incident management/coordination capacity.
  • Improving EOC capabilities, to include technology initiatives for continuity of operations purposes.
  • Resiliency initiatives.
  • Other items supported by a documented local or regional risk assessment/THIRA.

How to apply: Local jurisdictions may complete the application online via Salesforce

If you would like to view the entire application, a sample PDF is available. The PDF can be used as a guide in compiling the necessary information you will need to complete your online FY24 CBCG Grant application.

When to apply: Application deadline is 11:59PM on March 06, 2024. by 11:59PM.

CBCG Outreach and Q&A’s: Because this is a competitive grant program, NCEM staff will not be able to provide direct assistance with application development or project formulation. All questions regarding the application process should be directed to the CBCG@ncdps.gov mailbox subject line “FY24 CBCG Question”, by February 21, 2024.  Q&A’s will be posted on the CBCG website at least 1 week prior to the application deadline.  

Salesforce Training, Office Hours & Technical Assistance:

The purpose of the virtual sessions is to provide information about the FY24 CBCG program and application process in Salesforce, and answer questions from applicants.  Session information will be posted on the CBCG website.  These sessions will be recorded for those who do not attend, and the recording will be posted on the CBCG website.  The purpose of the virtual office hours is to assist with any individual questions and concerns regarding FY24 CBCG and Salesforce. Drop-in anytime that is convenient during office hours.
If you have questions about the application process, please contact: CBCG@ncdps.gov

For Salesforce related questions, please contact: ncemsalesforce@ncdps.gov


Tab/Accordion Items

Counties are free to share their grant applications if they want, but NCEM does not facilitate any application sharing for any grant programs.

Only eligible counties may apply for the grant.     

In submitting our application is it your expectation that we include supplemental documentation that details the exact items and expected costs, Or is it more in line with your expectations that knowing how plans and costs can fluctuate it is more important for us to define how we plan on filling gaps and meeting our goals through this grant be expressed succinctly within the provided application form?

Applicants are allowed but not required to submit additional documentation in support of their application. If additional documentation is submitted, it should be referenced in the narrative on the application in Salesforce and submitted with the application in Salesforce.

Updates to the No Overdue Tax Debt Certification and the other four required documents are only required if a grantee needs to make a change or update. Grantees are not required to submit these forms on a yearly basis.

This would be an eligible expenditure for reimbursement under FY24 CBCG, if this project is selected for award by the FY24 CBCG Review Committee and approved by the NCEM Director.  As a reminder, the FY24 Capacity Building Competitive Grant Program (CBCG) is a competitive grant.  See the NOFO for further information on application requirements and access the application via Salesforce.

The FY24 Capacity Building Competitive Grant Program (CBCG) does not require a match or cost share.  Please see the NOFO for further information on application requirements.

Eligible applicants for FY24 CBCG funding are not required to list AEL numbers for equipment on the grant application as this is a state grant.  We are removing the fields for AEL numbers on the FY24 CBCG application in Salesforce.