Multi-Purpose Juvenile Homes

Methodist Home for Children operated Multipurpose Juvenile Homes

The Multipurpose Juvenile Home Program is designed to provide non-secure, long-term, residential care as an alternative to secure detention and youth development centers. The Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention contracts with a private provider to operate the program. The first six eight-bed facilities opened in 1993. A seventh home was opened in 2008.

The homes provide at least double staff coverage 24 hours a day plus a certified teacher and full-time family counselor for up to 240 days. Youths served are referred by the local juvenile court.
Multipurpose Juvenile Homes are located in Chowan, Hertford, Macon, Robeson, Union and Wayne counties. State management and oversight are provided by the Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Legislative Reports
Each year, the Community Programs section submits reports to the N.C. General Assembly. The following reports about Multipurpose Homes are available for download:

2007-2008 (PDF)
2006-2007 (PDF)
2004-2005 (Word)
2002-2003 (PDF)
2001-2002 (PDF)
2000-2001 (PDF)